Following our recent launch of MIT Ventures Ltd, we recently featured in a compelling article in The Times’s Raconteur emphasising the potential that employee engagement brings in transforming how a business operates in today’s complex labour market.

The article provides an insight into how MIT Ventures Ltd moves past the hyped-up buzz-phrase ‘employee engagement’ and offers an effective solution to organisations. In an environment where employers are struggling to manage their costs, retaining staff becomes increasingly critical. Through effective employee engagement, MIT offers organisations a sustainable solution to differentiate themselves as employers.

If organisations fail to implement a fully formed employee engagement strategy, they could suffer from devastating staff turnover figures. Financial concern, feeling undervalued by employers and being highly demotivated in their careers are becoming major challenges for employers in retaining their staff. Unhappy and disengaged employees are less productive and in turn, influence the morale of the whole team, which will ultimately affect business success.

But what should you do? MIT offers an advanced employee engagement solution that ensures all your employee’s well-being is catered for – whether that be from financial problems to their mental and physical well-being. Bringing together all aspects of the employee engagement experience into one, easy-to-access portal is what makes MIT Ventures Ltd approach so successful for both the employee and employer.

Overall, an employee engagement strategy is a must for all businesses, and the importance of implementing one cannot be overstated. Those often hard-to-measure aspects of employee engagement, happiness and motivation are made easy with MIT and are shown through a reduction in staff turnover and increased productivity levels.

If you missed our feature in The Times, you can read it here today.