Employee Engagement – The Role of HR

Employee engagement is a huge issue for any organisation. Why? Because UK employee engagement levels are critically low, resulting in some of the poorest productivity figures in the developed world. Roughly only 1 in 10 UK employees consider themselves to be “engaged at work”, according to the ‘State of the Global Workforce’ report 2017. With statistics like this, it is easy to see why employee engagement is currently such a high agenda item for UK organisations, business leaders and HR teams.

Empower and Engage: The Role of HR.

Employee engagement really is a big deal, particularly for HR and Talent Managers. Research by Cascade HR indicates that engagement is the top challenge for HR professionals for 2019, according to 40% of the UK-based HR professionals surveyed. Employee retention scored 36% and absence management 29%. While each are employer/HR challenges in their own right, if you have engaged employees this can greatly reduce the related symptoms of retention and absence, and other challenges faced by your HR team. Let’s start at the root: why is it important for anyone in HR to consider what makes employees engaged at work?

Why is Employee Engagement a Big Deal?

There are significant business benefits to having an engaged workforce, investing in engagement and looking for ways to improve your engagement strategy are key to a successful and happy workforce. Employee engagement strategies reduce staff turnover, improve productivity and efficiency, increase customer retention, and increase business profit. Engaged employees are not only happier at work but happier too in their personal life. When you are engaged in something it infuses everything you do with purpose, energy, and enthusiasm – this is why employee engagement is so important. Getting engagement right is key to success, both for the business and the individual. Employees who are highly engaged are 50% more likely to exceed performance targets – good news for the business and the individual’s career prospects. Find out more about why employee engagement is important.

So what facilitates engaged employees?

There are a whole range of answers; fulfilling work, great managers, career prospects, training, good pay and reward packages, celebrating success, equipping people with the right tools for the job, and aligning people to organisational goals – basically, to achieve good levels of employee engagement, you need to get the HR fundamentals right.

The Role of HR in Employee Engagement

The employee experience, or in other words the day-to-day interactions that define an employee’s working life can be either positive, neutral or negative. Experience encompasses everything that an employee has felt from their first interaction with an organisation, daily working life, right up until an employee leaves an organisation.

That’s why HR is increasingly focused on managing and improving the employee experience, creating a pathway to employee satisfaction and improving employee engagement.

HR has a pivotal role to play on engagement. A fundamental element in the HR role is to manage employees and their experience – which is an incredibly difficult task if engagement is low and staff turnover is high. HR must ensure employees have the right skills, tools, support and environment to perform jobs to the best of their ability. HR must maintain a focus on the continual development of the employee experience so that engagement is constant. It does not take a lengthy period of disengagement from the business goals for productivity to drop off and retention rates to suffer a dip. Employees need a clear communication channel that sets out the entirety of their relationship with the business, constantly reinforcing their links with the business and demonstrating the value they gain from this relationship. Engaged employees know what is expected of them and are kept aware of why they are in this relationship.

HR is the facilitator of employee engagement in any organisation, playing a fundamental role in designing, implementing and measuring the return from an organisation’s engagement strategy.

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HR have a unique position within a company, they have the ability to liaise between stakeholders, managers and staff to ensure company values are present and felt throughout the workforce. Improving employee engagement saves time and money for your HR department. The cost of replacing a member of staff can accumulate to over £30,000 per employee. Reducing these costs can ensure that all employees feel valued, happy, engaged and committed.

HR can empower and engage employees, by building and strengthening workplace relationships. The challenge facing HR is to develop an environment that can offer a positive employee experience and improve engagement, a culture that will support it, and the strategies to provide it for existing and future employees. Just as importantly, this strategy needs to be communicated constantly to your employees. Get employee engagement right and you reap the rewards of a more productive workforce, learn more in our employee engagement brochure.

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