MIT Brings its Revolutionary Employee Engagement Platform to IFSEC 2019

IFSEC International 2019 – The UK and Europe’s Leading Security Event
IFSEC International is the UK & Europe’s leading integrated security event. Where over 27,000 security professionals and seminal organisations gather annually. This year’s event was held at the ExCel Centre in London.

Understanding the Issues Faced Within the Sectoraiste
The security sector shares several similarities with other labour-intensive industries, most notably, an exceptionally high staff turnover which, for many organisations, can be as much as 3 times higher when compared to other industry benchmarks.

Being a people intensive-industry with low employee buy-in can present a multitude of business challenges such as diminishing operational productivity and increased costs associated with never-ending recruitment. Our experience, in helping organisations to understand the power of Employee Engagement, means that we recognise the challenges the security sector is facing, and, our presence at IFSEC International enabled us to showcase our best-in-class service and demonstrate how our engagement portal can be used to address the challenges associated with low employee engagement levels.

MIT Ventures Business Development Manager, Aiste Naujokaityte, found the event exceptionally interesting, stating that: “This event was a perfect opportunity to widen our business network, especially in the security sector. We received a very positive reaction toward our unique offering that would help these companies improve their employee engagement”.

Taking Our Sector Knowledge to the Heart of the Industry

MIT Stand 7 – Throughout the 3-day event, our Employee Engagement specialist demonstrated their expertise to numerous industry heads and key stakeholders’, raising the profile of the MIT brand within an industry which exemplifies the need for employers to invest in their employees.

At a conference of predominantly security experts, MIT Ventures stood out as a welcomed expert, discussing ways to reduce staff turnover, promote employee financial wellness and increase overall productivity levels.
In addition to the warm reception, our experts received, our dynamic and engaging stand wowed both organisations and delegates, drawing in the crowds who were keen to discuss the challenges presented by a lack of employee engagement within their own organisations.

Transform Your Business & Secure Growth Through Your Employees

Throughout the day our experts delivered valuable insights into our all-encompassing services and whilst also offering insights on how the MIT platform can be used to address the changing dynamics in the modern employee/employer relationship.

We provide the tool kits, products and services to help our clients in the labour-intensive markets bridge the gap which is employee engagement, supporting them to provide for the financial, emotional and physical well-being of their employees and to differentiate themselves as an employer in a crowded job market.

Our comprehensive and easily accessible solution is tailored to all company needs and includes services such as payroll, pensions, a confidential helpline, a personal UK registered doctor, additional VIP benefits and much more.

MIT Ventures CEO David Callaghan at IFSEC 2019

MIT Ventures continuously highlights its dynamic presence at corporate events, and we are looking forward to meeting you in person at our next one. So, if you missed the opportunity to speak with our team at IFSEC International 2019, our team are always happy to discuss the benefits employee engagement can bring to your organisation and how our services are uniquely positioned to increase business efficiencies through increased engagement.

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