At the start of 2021, we want to highlight our organisation’s performance which prioritised an immediate response with strategies for building business resilience and supporting employees through one of the most stressful times in their professional lives. Despite the challenges of this eventful year, MIT took the opportunity to re-evaluate what we’ve been providing. To help clients thrive during the COVID-19 pandemic, we offered both market-leading benefits programs to boost employee engagement and expert payroll support to navigate through the furlough process.

From the outset, MIT recognised the importance of working closely with our clients to understand their needs. Aiste Naujokaityte, MIT’s Client Director, believes that “An informed response builds trust. We engaged in a consistent dialogue with clients to communicate the actions taken to protect and support them.” In April, we launched a dedicated COVID-19 portal that provides up-to-date information and answers to commonly asked questions regarding the outbreak, along with vital benefits and services for key workers, employees, and their families. It’s a resource for a wide range of Coronavirus-related employment topics, including employment rights, best practices/policies, and resolving workplace conflicts.

This year, our team worked closely with business owners and directors to evaluate their unique circumstances and operational needs, providing essential payroll support to manage the changing terms and conditions of the furlough process. MIT’s specialists provided a wealth of knowledge on the best practises required to keep businesses compliant, as well as handling all administration and contract amendments, with weekly updates on the furlough scheme. These indispensable payroll management services freed up time for executives to focus on day-to-day strategy and operations.

COVID-19 emphasised the need for our mental health offerings. MIT’S confidential counselling helpline proved to be an essential support service for employees’ emotional resilience, with record usage recorded in the use of this support line service. With an increase in demand for medical care, our effective medical support was welcomed through virtual health-care benefits, allowing employees to communicate with a GP online, at any time of day.

Employee wellbeing was a top priority during 2020. We addressed this with our monthly deals and discounts that have helped employees save money week in, week out. Their financial stress has been reduced with these savings for everyday essentials and recreational retail purchases. By the same token, our wellbeing resources, from online health assessments to nutritional advice, have helped to increase healthy behaviour.

In 2020, we experienced the shift towards working from home. Alongside sharing essential tips on working remotely on our portal, we introduced a new online training tool for personal and professional development. Employees seek employment opportunities which offer them the option to learn new skills which can improve their career prospects. Our e-learning service provides access to over 45 courses, designed to fit around their availability and give them the opportunities they seek to learn, grow, and advance.

We are proud that the businesses we have worked with have developed a renewed ambition and a clearer focus that will serve them far beyond the initial period of recovery into greater success. MIT was quick off the mark in taking the actions required to best support and engage their employees during this phase, alongside managing the operational changes required to comply with new regulations. David Callaghan, CEO of MIT, affirms that “We understood the key capabilities required to effectively build a resilient organisation. We strengthen our client’s operations, so they remain agile and alert. For 2021, our goal is to continue to improve employee engagement and build a better workplace experience for both employers and employees.”

Businesses faced unique challenges in 2020. Even under these circumstances, MIT’s full employment package, inclusive of business solutions, employee benefits and tailored operational support, has proved its worth. Are you interested in seeing our Benefits Platform in action?

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