The COVID-19 crisis has radically altered workplace practices and business trajectories across the EU. Employers have been tasked with maintaining performance efficiencies while navigating flexible work arrangements, technological barriers, and constantly evolving health and safety practices. In the face of such structural changes, maintaining employee engagement is no small task; employers must attend to their administrative, operational and compliance obligations while remaining attuned to the needs of their workforce. Aiste Naujokaityte, Client Director at MIT Ventures and President of the Lithuanian Chamber of Commerce in the UK, stresses that COVID-19 is impacting employers in highly individual ways:

“…we all went through stages: Stage one denial; stage two panic; stage three acceptance and adjustment… the challenge is distinguishing which stage my clients are at so I can support them not only to survive but to thrive in their ever-evolving work context.”

For MIT Ventures, ‘support’ entails the delivery of a complete and tailor-made employee engagement strategy, which includes payroll consultancy, an employee-adjusted pension scheme and streamlined auto-enrollment solution, expert legal guidance and support, and a host of other health and lifestyle benefits and rewards available via an exclusive employee engagement portal. David Callaghan, CEO of MIT, believes that MIT’s employee-centred proposition is not merely an asset to employers; it constitutes a new and vital industry. “From the business owners I talk to, it’s not that they don’t want engaged staff; it’s either that they don’t know what to do or there’s a distinct lack of time and money”.

This is where MIT fits in. In January of last year, Callaghan affirmed that the organisation’s primary goal was to “continue to improve employee engagement and build a better workplace experience for both employers and employees”. As we ease out of holiday mode with renewed focus and drive, we at MIT look back on a year marked by innovation and growth, in which we have continued to expand and deepen our suite of employee engagement services to better support our clients.

The MIT Benefits Portal is core to our suite of employment services; it provides visibility on the entire employer-employee value exchange, offering employees real-time access to their payslips and pension performance, 24/7 GP consultations, confidential counselling services, specialised discounts, and legal and financial support. MIT caters its services to the client experience; earlier this year, we conducted a survey gauging the accessibility and usefulness of the benefits portal, and responded with an optimised design to increase employee engagement and better accommodate flexible work arrangements.

Recent research suggests that 60% of workers are likely to remain engaged when they believe their job provides learning and development opportunities. With this in mind, we have upgraded our employee training services and expanded our number of course offerings from 45 to over 100. The courses are free, self-paced, and cover a range of subject areas, including soft skills, health and safety, management and business compliance. The benefits of our online training platform are far-reaching; with face-to-face, work-based interaction at a premium, employees are seeking ways to remain connected to their workplace and professional identity. This platform encourages the employee to enhance their professional skills; employers are free to monitor training activity and gain insight into the professional interests of their staff.

For our reward recognition system, we have developed a new and exciting peer-to-peer feedback service called Kudos. Studies show that on-site workers are 6% more likely to experience strong feelings of connection with their colleagues than their remote counterparts. With Kudos, employees are encouraged to exchange personalised communication and feedback with one another, thereby maintaining a sense of camaraderie and community.

Remote employees frequently communicate feelings of disconnect and alienation; our new Employee Survey feature empowers our clients to garner instant feedback on employee engagement and well-being through customised online surveys or pre-loaded templates. Meanwhile, with our Incident Reporting service, employees can register their concerns via a secure, confidential, 24/7 portal. Through this anonymous reporting pathway, employees will no longer be deterred by job insecurity or fear of reprisal to register their concerns.

At MIT, we continue to innovate our service package to help our clients face down unprecedented work challenges. Contact us today to book a free demonstration of our Benefits Portal and join other forward-thinking employers who rely on MIT to engage and inspire their employees.