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to the MIT Employee Engagement Portal!

Our unique all-encompassing portal houses your payroll and pension on an easily accessible online platform, as well as providing a variety of VIP Benefits including retail discounts and 24/7 access to a UK-registered online GP.

Transform your business and encourage loyal, happy and engaged members of staff. 


of employees use their current employee benefits package meaning companies are paying for something that makes no lasting impact.


rate of engagement with our MIT employee benefits package, keeping employees happy and motivated; driving long term business success.

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Our team has a long and exemplary track record of achievements and experience in the industry. We want to empower our clients to meet employment demands. We offer them consultancy support on their responsibilities while keeping their workforce motivated and focused.

“We are committed to providing you with the tools and the strategy to invigorate a loyal workforce to transform your business.”

Why are you paying for something your employees don’t use?

Begin transforming your employee engagement and your business.

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